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Your path to study

Interested students register online and receive a confirmation email with further information on the registration procedure. If there are more interested students than places available, the date of registration will decide (the number of participants is limited due to the number of clinical internship places).

The Master's programmes start annually on 1 April (3 semesters) and on 1 October (4 semesters). The 4-semester Master's programme includes a preceding semester of "Scientific Work and Empirical Research" (in English and exclusively online, no attendance courses).

General admission requirements

1. general or relevant subject-linked higher education entrance qualification

2. proof of a national university degree in medicine (stomatology) or dentistry corresponding to at least 300 credits according to the ECTS standard.

3. The respective examination board decides on the determination of the admission requirements and in particular the equivalence of foreign degrees and other qualifications acquired abroad.

Note: The web-based basic modules ensure, after successful completion, that a uniform prerequisite also exists for participants from abroad for the specialisation modules.


Please fill in the online registration form:

>> Online registration form

After online registration you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email.

Conclusion of contract

You will be informed of your admission by e-mail. If the number of interested applicants exceeds the number of study places, the order of applications will decide on your admission.

If you are accepted, you will receive a contract by e-mail, which you must sign and return to MIB GmbH (either by post or by e-mail). In addition, we require the following documents from you (in German or English):

  1. copy of your school leaving certificate or university entrance qualification with place and date of issue, as well as final grade
  2. copy of your university degree certificate with details of the type of degree programme, place and date of issue, as well as final grade
  3. copy of your licence to practise medicine
  4. copy of your identity card or passport
  5. informal curriculum vitae
  6. health certificate*
  7. professional liability insurance**
  8. proof of academic degrees/doctorates, if applicable.

* The health certificate is required for clinical training. This must include infection status on Hepatitis C, HIV and vaccination status on Hepatitis B, Measles and Covid19 (indicating vaccines). The certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue.

** Professional liability insurance: Please send us written confirmation from your professional liability insurance that it covers the risk of dental-surgical practice under supervision outside your own practice in the context of internships at our cooperation clinics.

Further information during the registration procedure.

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