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Overview of the IMC

The postgraduate IMC Master's programmes serve to deepen scientific knowledge and to complement professional knowledge and experience through practice-oriented courses and forms of study in the fields of oral and cranio-facial medicine, in particular surgery, implantology, aesthetics, endodontics and periodontology, orthodontics and biomedical techniques.

The following master courses are offered:

The study programmes are characterised by:

  • Extensive practical training in anatomical-surgical and clinical block practical courses
  • Realistic surgical conditions in anatomical exercises on specially preserved body donors
  • Performance of surgical interventions under supervision in the clinical practical course
  • Individual supervision through an optimal tutor/student relationship
  • Reduced attendance through the innovative blended learning concept
  • Time-optimised, content-qualified and structured knowledge transfer
  • Supplementary virtual live seminars and lectures
  • Counselling, support and surgery assistance also possible after graduation
  • Graduation ceremony with awarding of certificates

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