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M.Sc. Advanced General Dental Practice (90 ECTS, part-time)

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Starting in October in cooperation with Chamber of Dentists North Rhine

The master course for all students who want to train in general dental practice.



October till October two years later


Master of Science (90 ECTS)

Course language: English

Information for German participants:

Die E-Learning-Inhalte sind sowohl auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch verfügbar. Die Masterarbeit kann auf Deutsch verfasst werden, die Betreuung dabei findet ebenfalls in deutscher Sprache statt.
Die Praktika werden von deutschsprachigen Professoren durchgeführt.
Das Praktikum Block II umfasst einen DVT-Kurs, der in englischer Sprache durchgeführt wird.

Teaching staff

  • Dr. Dr. habil. Arentowicz
  • Prof. Dr. Beikler
  • Prof. Dr. Grunert
  • Prof. Dr. Joos
  • Prof. Dr. Manhart
  • Dr. Röckl
  • Prof. Dr. Sculean
  • Prof. Dr. Stamm
  • Prof. Dr. Weischer
  • Prof. Dr. Windisch
  • Prof. Dr. Zöllner
  • et al.



Module 1 – basics of general and oral medicine

  • Anatomy, tissues, histology, oral structures
  • Immune system, pathological principles, inflammations, injuries of the tissues
  • Medical history, emergency medicine, medically compromised patients, antibiotics, analgetics
  • Pre-operative medication, local anaesthetics, general anaesthesia

Module 2 - basics in oral medicine

  • Radiological diagnosis
  • Practice structure, hygiene, disinfection, sterilisation
  • Diseases of oral mucosa
  • Oncology, tumor surgery

Module 3 - basics in oral surgery

  • Surgical suturing and related instruments
  • Tooth extraction, displacement, complications in dentoalveolar surgery
  • Odontogenic infections
  • Traumatology of maxilla and mandible

Module 4 – Basics in oral implantology

  • Implants, diagnosis and planning, implant prosthodontics, general operation principles
  • Materials for bone substitution and augmentation, bone harvesting and processing, augmentation and onlay grafting
  • Principles of displacement and condensation, distraction osteogenesis, guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  • Soft-tissue management
  • Complications, prophylaxis and recall

Module 5 – Special topics in implantology

  • The healthy periodontium, classification of periodontal diseases, epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases, dental photography
  • Histopathology and microbiology of periodontitis
  • Assessment of the periodontitis patient and treatment planning
  • Plaque control
  • Periodontal debridement

Module 6 – Aesthetic aspects in restorative dentistry

  • Aesthetic analysis and photographic documentation
  • Non and minimal invasive aesthetical prodecures

Module 7 – Prosthetics

  • Complete dentures
  • Removable dentures
  • Crowns and bridges (fixed partial prothesis)

Module 8 – Specialized Orthodontics

  • History, physiology and pathology of oral structures
  • Case history, diagnostic procedures
  • Classifications and necessity of treatment
  • Compliance, patient information, risks and undesired effects
  • Basic variations of treatment modalities
  • Controlled dentition/Serial extraction of teeth
  • Extraction – Yes or No?
  • Principles of adult treatment
  • Treatment using removable applicances
  • Specialized functional orthodontics
  • Dentoalveolar treatment using splints
  • Early treatment using fixed applicances
  • Treatment using multibracket systems

Online Lectures

  • Complete dentures I - III (Priv. Doz. C. Runte)
  • Pharmacology of local anasthetica (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Sinus disease (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Literature Search Strategies I-II (Dr. S. Bierbaum)
  • Anamnesis, Examination (Prof. A. Hemprich)
  • Removable dentures I- III (Priv. Doz. C. Runte)
  • Premedication and pain control (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Crowns and fixed partial prosthesis I -III (Priv. Doz. C. Runte)
  • Complication of local anaesthetica (Prof. A. Hemprich)
  • Extractions instruments (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Apectomy (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Tooth extraction (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Complecations of tooth extractions (Prof. Hemprich)
  • Oralpathology I-III (Prof. A. Bankfalvi)
  • Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) (Prof. I. Grunert)
  • Beninge Tumors (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Posterior Composites I-II (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Complications of tooth extraction (Prof. A. Hemprich)
  • Facial Growth (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Oral mucosa diseases (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Infection I-II (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Anterior Composites I-III (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Antibiotics (Dr. R. Schuon)
  • Cysts (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Implantology basics I-II (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Adhesive Systems and Bonding Technology (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Implantology basics III (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Modern Instruments of Caries Diagnosis I-II (Dr. I. Frasheri)
  • State-of-the-Art in Caries Excavation and Preservation of Pulp Vitality - I-II (Dr. I. Frasheri)
  • Impacted teeth (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Extraordinary implant cases (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Radiology in implantology and oral surgery (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Distraction osteogenesis (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Incision techniques (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Infiltration Technique and Treatment of White Spots (Dr. I. Frasheri)
  • Clinical Management of Space Deficiency and Ectopic Teeth (part 1-3) (Prof. J. Lisson)
  • Skeletal disorders due to muscular dysfunction (Prof. J. Lisson)
  • Principles and practice Transverse maxillary expansion (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Soft Tissue Management and Esthetic Periodontal Surgery -I-III (Prof. A. Sculean)
  • Decision Making and Treatment Strategies in Periodontics I-II (Prof. T. Beikler)
  • Surgical Crown Lengthening (Prof. A. Sculean)
  • Skeletal disorders due to muscular dysfunction; a surgical point of view I-II (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Online lecture Treatment of bone defects and bone replacement materials (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Combined surgical and orthodontic treatment for skeletal malocclusions (Prof. J. Lisson)
  • Open bite (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Bone augmentation technics (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Impression Techniques and Soft Tissue Management (Dr. I. Frasheri)
  • New radiological techniques (Prof. U. Joos)
  • MIH and Treatment Strategies (Dr. I. Frasheri)
  • Tooth versus implant (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Ceramic Veneers - I-III (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Peri- implant inflammation: etiology, diagnosis, treatment (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Difficulties in implant prosthetics (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Adhesive Cementation Procedure (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Surgical and Implantological Aspects of Increasing Vertical Dimension (Prof. U. Joos )
  • Complex Cases including increasing VDO (Vertical Dimension of Occlusion) I-III (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Trauma of frontal teeth (Prof. A. Hemprich)
  • Implants in compromised patients (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Secondary correction in CLAP (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Complications in surgical Implantology (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Longterm Provisional Restorations -I-II (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Complications in prosthetical implantology (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Aesthetic aspects in orthognathic surgery (Prof. U. Joos)
  • Explantation-when indicated, how to do (Prof. T. Weischer)
  • Postendodontic Restorations - I-II (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Periodontal therapy plays an important part in tooth preservation (Dr. S. Esser)
  • Periodontological/implantological treatment options for heavy smokers (Dr. S. Esser)
  • Intraoral Repair of Defect Restorations - I-II (Prof. J. Manhart)
  • Bleaching of NON-Vital teeth (Prof. T. Dammaschke)
  • Limits of periodontal therapy (Dr. S. Esser)
  • Consequences of A.a. colonisation; implantological compensation of tooth loss (Dr. S. Esser)
  • Bleaching of Vital Teeth (Prof. T. Dammaschke)

Practical training

Planned practical trainings (changes possible)

Practical Training Block I
Tue 11.01.2022 Basic Course of Surgical Techniques Dres. Ahmed, Mahmoud Alghussein / Dr. Tobias Lauterbach Münster
Wed 12.01.2022 Basics in Implantology- practical exercises with plastic jaws Dres. Ahmed, Mahmoud Alghussein / Dr. Tobias Lauterbach / T. Schibler Münster
Thu 13.01.2022 Surgical techniques - Tooth extractions Prof. Joos, Dr. Alghussein Münster
Fri 14.01.2022-
Sun 16.01.2022
Periodontology training Prof. Dr. Beikler Hamburg
Mon 17.01.2022-
Thu 20.01.2022
Smile design, treatment planning
+ Examination Basic Course
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manhart Munich

Practical Training Block II
2 days 11.2022 Cranio- mandibular Dysfunctions Prof. Dr. Ingrid Grunert Münster
1 day 11.2022 Oro-facial orthodontics, Aligner therapy, Soft tissue changes, longterm results Dr. Désirée Lewerenz Münster
1 day 11.2022 Workshop Master thesis Dr. Susanne Bierbaum Münster
1 day 11.2022 Emergency: Advanced life support to managing medical conditions Dr. med. Christian Albiker / Dr. med. Robert Schuon Münster
1,5 days 11.2022 Implant Prosthetics
+ Examination Specialization Course
Christian Müller / Dr. J. C. Röckl Münster
1 day 11.2022 Implant Prosthetics - Bone Augmentation and soft tissue management in oral Implantology Prof. Dr. med. dent. F. Khoury Münster
2 days 11.2022 Commented operational demonstrations Modern dental radiography - Digital volume tomography Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. U.Joos / Prof. Dr. T. Weischer Münster
2 days 11.2022 Observership private clinic Dr. Paul Möllers Emsdetten

Practical Training Block III
2 days 07.2023 Clinical Training / Aesthetic and functional considerations in implant prosthetics Prof. Dr. Axel Zöllner Witten
5 days 07.2023 Composit course Prof. Jürgen Manhart Munich

Completion of Studies
Thu 29.09.2022-
Sat 01.10.2022
Final oral examination
Handing over the certificates and graduation ceremony


9.500 € / semester + 8.000 € accommodation fees

For members of the Dental Association North Rhine

As the Dental Association North Rhine is a co-operation partner of this Master Course the fees for members are reduced from 9.500 € / semester to 7.250 € / semester.

IMC Partner–Universities

The Master's courses will be carried out cooperatively with the well-known IMC® partner-universities:

Cooperating Universities

Further Cooperations


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