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Our Concept

Modern blended-learning concepts make part-time advanced postgraduate training and education programmes accessible even to those who are already involved in a day-to-day clinic or practice routine. The IMC® concept is a specially designed didactic approach, combining E-learning modules, live online lectures, and hands-on practical training blocks.

These training programmes focus both on the transfer of most recent research findings and outcomes as well as the exchange of participants' knowledge in their relevant specialties. Cooperation between universities and the respective international training and education institutions as well as a specially designed curriculum and integrated programme enable this approach.

Regardless of all national, political, cultural and religious differences, participants from various countries are able to discuss online specialist and scientific topics.

This development is demanded and appreciated by the German Federal Government's Council of Science and Humanities [Wissenschaftsrat] in order to support research and higher education in dental medicine. (Wissenschaftsrat, 2005)