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Additional Module “Scientific Writing”

By choosing duration of 2 years-course (Begin in October and followed by the regular Master Course)

This module provides an introduction into scientific writing, data analysis & interpretations as well as the basic concepts of clinical study design & statistical methods.

This module is a mixture of online courses, homework assignments that will be discussed in the courses and seminar tasks that will be prepared and presented by the students.
Upon completion of this module students will be able to:
  • Define clear research question and search the literature for the necessary data
  • Select, extract, organize, and present the data
  • Understand the role of statistics in their field of study
  • Apply appropriate statistical methods for routine applications using standard programms
  • Summarize, analyse and interprete the data
  • Write a scientific text using correct structure, form and citation methods
To successfully complete the module, 50% of the homework and seminar assignments have to be of an adequate quality.

Scientific Writing Module 2018/2019
PDF-Datei Schedule of Scientific Writing Module 2018/2019