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Master Courses Specialized Orthodontics (M.Sc.)

Specialized Orthodontics (M.Sc.)
in deutscher Sprache,
in Deutschland praktizierende Kieferorthopäden
in englischer Sprache
internationale Teilnehmer
1.500 Gesamtstunden /
60 ECTS-Punkte
3 semester (April-Oct. following year) 3 semester (April-Oct. following year) or
4 semester (Oct.-Oct. two years later)
  attendance in Germany for practical
trainings and final exam
es ist eine in Deutschland nachgewiesene erworbene kieferorthopädische Vorbildung erforderlich a pre-education in orthodontics is necessary which means that a proven acquired orthodontic advanced training course is required
  Special offer for participants from:
- Global Education Center (GEC)
Participants who live and work in the regions of Taiwan, China and Macao as well as those in Hong Kong except for students of Hong Kong University should contact Global Education Center (GEC) for inquiring admission. There they will get support during the whole master course.

For more information please click on "Global Education Center (GEC)"
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